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Empower students in your community with SOLARO

Students have easy access to instructional content, quality questions, self‑assessments, and end of year tests

Whitehots is proud to partner with Castle Rock Research as the official distributor of SOLARO in Eastern Canada. With Solaro, students can be in control of their learning while gaining confidence as they progress through the educational material.


Solaro offers easy access to instructional content, quality questions, self-assessments, and end-of-year tests.

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Solaro guides students in Grades 3‑12 on a pathway to success in Math, Science, and English.

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Solaro content is aligned to each province’s curriculum, which gives students a personalized learning experience.

  • Homework Help
  • Curriculum Review
  • Help in Learning Recovery
  • Test Preparation
  • Easy access to quality material
  • Province-specific worksheets & quizzes

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Study anywhere, anytime.
Access SOLARO on Mobile.

SOLARO is FREE for students to use from anywhere on any device with a valid library card.

Educational content optimized and compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices.

Flash cards, notes, and quizzes are accessible and synced across all devices.

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